AlaSan Gent Ceesay

AlaSan Gent Ceesay is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of AlaSan Holdings Ltd, Rahma International Ltd, UK, Rahma Gambia Ltd. and the Chairman and founder of AGS Trading Solutions.

AlaSan has a humble life and Gambian story. His values were learnt from the upbringing of a strong family, hard work and education was his means of getting ahead, and the conviction that a life so blessed should be lived in service to others.

He is a founder of ‘Books for Brikama, a charity that collects books and educational supplies in The UK for Brikama communities in Gambia, and also founder of ‘The Gambia Teaching Trust ‘a charitable organisation that supports, recognises, promotes quality education and celebrates teachers in Gambia.

As a former Community Organiser in Victoria, Central London, a member of the board of advisors for Education and Teaching Foundation, a UK government backed charity that works with teachers, trainers and employers in The UK. He showed himself to be a person of intellect, courage, and integrity.

Alasan’s leadership and influence skills go as far back as when he was the Student Union President of 21,000 students at South Thames College, London clearly planting the seeds to becoming the true leader that he has become today. He now has a clear focus on helping to build a greater Gambia with Rahma Gambia his commodity business while enriching the lives of as many Gambians as possible.

As an award-winning soldier, Alasan served with the elite Queen’s Company, The Grenadier Guards Regiment of the British Army, and throughout his time displaying the highest level of discipline. His attitude was filled with integrity and professionalism in performing numerous Royal Guards duties in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle St.James Palace and two operational tours of Afghanistan.

As an Entrepreneur, Businessman, Philanthropist and Ex-Military, he seeks to fulfil his own potential but also wishes to help others reach theirs with the charitable work he has done for his country of origin, the Gambia and the United Kingdom.

The list of AlaSan’s track record of giving is undeniable and his persistence to keep giving shows no end in sight. As a strong believer of leading by example, expect many more exciting projects that combine entrepreneurial innovation and philanthropic initiatives that will ensure his life purpose is fulfilled.