From sourcing to final dispatch, rigorous and careful steps are taken to ensure that our products are of the highest order but also exceed national and global requirements for safety and quality. We partner with the finest in the industry to deliver the best.

Knowing that health is wealth, our quality assurances measures from sourcing to dispatch are designed to ensure that all our products are strictly in line with the best possible international hygiene, wellbeing, and health standards. A healthy outside starts with from inside.

We know it could be tough sometimes, but we firmly believe that no one should be denied the opportunity to eat and live healthy just because they cannot afford it. We are humans after all. We live and do business here in Africa with you, too. That is why we literally go to the end of the earth to bring you the most affordable, quality, and healthy food in the region. Our strong commitment to providing affordable quality food is motivated by the real-life experience of our founder, who was born in a humble estate. His life growing up mirrors the reality of many in The Gambia. Rahma is dedicated to breaking that cycle by making its products affordable to everyone.


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Rahma Gambia Ltd is the fastest emerging socially responsible Agri-commodity business in West Africa. The company and its RAHMA Registered Brand are owned and operated by Gambians for the Gambia and the rest of West Africa. We are a socially responsible enterprise that is committed to the full provision of quality, healthy and affordable food commodities in West Africa.

The name ‘Rahma’ comes from the Arabic language and means ‘Mercy/Blessing’ which is intended to correspond with our corporate social responsibility of alleviating the financial burden of food for Gambians and the rest of the population in West Africa. The Rahma Brand is also influenced by the name of AlaSan Gent Ceesay, our founder and CEO's late mother Rahma’tullah which translates to ‘Mercy/Grace/Blessing of God.

To be able to meet the demands of our customers on a continued basis, we are developing congenial and long-term partnership with the world exporters, millers and stockists for all types of consumable and stable food products such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, milk powder and many more.


The team that drives the Rahma brand boost of a combined work experiences of about 30 years of experience in executive leadership, security, law, logistics, food, and commodities. As an emerging company, the workforce is bound by the shared values of excellence, commitment, and compassion.

AlaSan Gent CeeSay - CEO

Our CEO and Founder,AlaSan Gent Ceesay is a perfect example of a young serial entrepreneur who has played a critical role in helping the less fortunate in society.An award-winning Gambian-British, he is currently the Chief Executive Officer and founder of AlaSan Holdings Ltd,Rahma International Ltd, UK,Rahma Gambia Ltd. and also Chairman and founder of AGS Trading Solutions.He has shown great leadership skills in Charity Work, Organisational Leadership, Philanthropy and Military Operations during his time in the British Army.

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